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All my classes and private sessions Access Consciousness are offered in English as well, in Romania and worldwide. If you want my services or to host me, please contact me on phone: 0040745122583 or by email:

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Why People Choose a Foundation Class in Access Consciousness


From Dain Heer
“Let me clarify something: You don’t have to use the Access Consciousness tools to be conscious. At all.

Many people that function from consciousness have never heard of Access. There are conscious people in every strand of life; grandmothers, ice-hockey players and even some odd world leader.

What Access offers are simply a set of tools and techniques that makes it EASIER to choose consciousness. And in the end, it come down to each persons tenacity of choosing to function from consciousness. Every hour of every day.

Consciousness is about including everything and judging nothing. Like us, in the moments when we choose consciousness. And in the moments we don’t. 🙂